Sonet Transportation’s flexible intermodal delivery system allows our customers to utilize the most cost-effective method for getting their goods from one destination to another. With extensive experience in the best use of rail, ship and truck transportation, our intermodal, containerized freight services eliminate the handling of the freight itself. Combined with our emphasis on safety and security, these services reduce damage and loss, and move freight faster and more efficiently.

Port Drayage

Sonet Transportation specializes in drayage (local/regional pickup or delivery to a seaport, border crossing, or intermodal facility). We pride ourselves on our clean, company-owned 100% CARB-compliant (California Air Resources Board) truck fleet.

  • bonded carrier designation
  • port concession (a contract in which a government transfers operating rights to a private trucking company)
  • port-to-warehouse delivery system, and
  • service to, from and within Mexico
  • flexibility and reliability that is what you receive when you call SONET transportation. Our experience offers you unique local and regional solutions to your Intermodal Drayage needs
  • our Corporate Office in San Diego is home to a dedicated and experienced group of professionals that provide support and direction for our field operations to carry out our mission
  • our company’s philosophy is founded upon basic principles of high standard of service and our employees
  • ethical approach to conducting business is second to none
  • serving the west coast from the Southern California ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach, San Diego and Ensenada, B.C.

Cross-Border Drayage

Sonet Transportation is a bonded freight carrier, a special designation granted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Our status allows us to transport merchandise that is received from overseas into the United States at a sea, air or border port and deliver it to a Customs Bonded Facility or transfer to a point of export through the country.

We are one of only a few bonded carriers serving the Southern California – Mexico route. We routinely pick up freight at seaports such as Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA and deliver it to its destination, whether locally, regionally or cross-border to Mexico without transloading. This closed, end-to-end system enables freight to be transported:

  • safely and securely
  • without changing drivers or trailers, thereby
  • reducing opportunities for damage

Ensenada Port Drayage

Sonet Transportation is pleased to offer bonded freight services to our customers bringing in goods through the Port of Ensenada. Our services include freight bound for the USA or the interior of Mexico.

Regional Truckload

We primarily serve customers in 11 western states and Mexico.

  • get all the benefits of a carrier focused on your regional business
  • regional-based fleets with capacity that ensures our people and equipment are always there when called upon
  • on-time performance from drivers who work their regions with such consistency they learn the most effective method to get your freight delivered on time
  • regionalized decision-making empowers your account team to make the calls needed to meet your freight demands and exceed your expectations.


Through our local affiliate, we are in full compliance with the US Department of Transportation Hazardous Material Regulations. Our drivers undergo continuous and rigorous training and are fully certified in hazmat transportation. Our owners, managers, staff and drivers all recognize that we are stewards of the environment, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Among other materials, we safely and securely transport:

  • liquids
  • gases
  • petroleum
  • corrosives
  • flammables
  • adhesives


We provide our customers with a wide array of logistical services. Our goal is always to maximize productivity and efficiency for our customers while protecting the environment.

In conjunction with our bonded carrier designation, experience in intermodal, cross-border and warehouse delivery, to achieve these goals, you can count on Sonet Transportation to:

  • utilize state-of-the-art load inventory and tracking technology
  • hire and trains only the best drivers
  • select the most efficient routes
  • utilize the best grades of fuel for the job, and
  • use the best truck types, including day cabs